That was the house we're in. But if you're standing on that corner,
you already walked too far. Back again 10 meters to the right - didn't you see that big sign?? Today it's in the Office..

Sad but true, two floors up for having all the fun. Sorry for the stairs!

And here you could see your room from the backside! No, just joking, this still is the famous Tacheles.
Just 100 meters away. Check it out! The building is still there - but you can't go in any more.

And here, Ladys and Gentlemen, your shady place to hang out in the hot summer afternoons. The pic was shot from ...

... exactly that window on the left (at the reception).

Just some...

... unfortunately a little bit blurry and shaken....

... pics from the opening party. Sorry you missed that one. The Goodbuy party was nice too - but no photos..

That's Shane, struck by the flash...

... and here, the one with the pink hair, Chris, doing a busy job at the reception.





The rooms
simply clean -

- free lockers, bunk beds in the bigger dorms only .

Welcome to the party place in the heart of berlin!!